Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bride Ideas and Frock-Ups book Launch

We had a fab evening recently at a church in Notting Hill.....We were lucky enough to be involved with the launch for Bride Ideas and Frock- Ups, an absolutely fantabulously funny and entertaining book by Sim Canetty Clarke, Amanda Lockhart and Susannah Frieze. The book is choc full of beautiful photographs and witty anecdotes, stories and jokes, a cracking read for anyone, particularly if you are a potential bride and/or groom!! We have a copy on our coffee table in the boutique for our customers to peruse whilst indulging in an organic cupcake and coffee but we are always reading it rather than busy working!
We made a Belgian Chocolate Rose cake covered entirely in handmade Belgian chocolate roses as a centerpiece, one of our signature designs..... After a very enjoyable and successful evening, perfectly orchestrated by Amanda Sherlock of Giles Sherlock Event Design indulging (too much!) in gorgeous canapes from Eventuate whilst surrounded by spectacularly beautiful flowers from Euphoric Flowers, the speeches followed and the cake was cut amidst a flurry of confetti and applause!! Congratulations girls!!!

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